March Bamfness: Karen vs. Angie

All this week, MMG is hosting March Bamfness, a single-elimination bracket tournament to crown one of the eight benchmark CrossFit “Girl” WODs as the most badass.

In the second round of March Bamfness, it’s Karen versus Angie. Get your abacus out because these ladies are going to make you count a lot of reps before you finish. I like them both because they are real straightforward and just require a lot of mental grit to just keep moving to get through them.

My Documents1Here’s the breakdown with my analysis:

Karen: 150 Wall Balls (20 lbs / 14 lbs)

  • Karen has a way of sneaking into other workouts. In both Open Workout 12.4 and 13.3, you had to do Karen plus double-unders and muscle-ups, which is crazy. Karen by her itself is a really tiring workout and one where things can quickly go wrong if you don’t keep a good pace and string longer sets together. This WOD can feel never-ending if you start getting sloppy, dropping the ball and not hitting the target.

Angie: 100 Pull ups + 100 Push ups + 100 Sit ups + 100 Air squats

  • The most important thing to know about “Angie” is that you must complete all the reps of the first movement before moving to the next. So there is no secret strategy to get your through this workload. You have to tackle one thing at a time and just push through. I’ve only attempted this workout once and at that point was doing pull-ups with a blue band. I got a DNF (did not finish), which is the equivalent of a very bad first date.

Which of these two Girl WODs is the most bad-ass? Which one makes you and your fellow athletes tremble in the knees at the sight of it’s name being written on the whiteboard? Which workout deserves the win? Vote now! (And make sure to leave a comment explaining why you voted for Karen or Angie.)

I Hate Thrusters

I regularly attend three CrossFit classes per week. I try my best to have the three classes fall during the week and save the weekends for other athletic activities. Given my schedule, which like everyone’s includes a variety of work, family and other social obligations, I cannot cherry-pick workouts. I don’t have the flexibility to skip a day because I don’t like one or two elements of that day’s WOD. Plus, my coaches highly discourage it.

thruckfusters_sqIf I ever did cherry-pick a workout, it would always be to avoid any WOD that involves thrusters. I know hate is a strong word, but I hate them. My loathing for thrusters is comparable to Roger Ebert’s infamous review of the movie North, in which he wrote, “I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it….” It goes on for a few more sentences.

The reason all goes back to squats. They have been the bane of my existence since I started CrossFit. All my coaches know that they are my weakness. And thrusters just make squats worse because weight is added to them. At tonight’s class I had to do 100 thrusters as part of the WOD.

Knowing the squat is a weakness,  it will need to be a point of focus in my training. I can almost predict with 100% certainty that thrusters will be part of the workout during Freeze Fest.

I am meeting with my individual coach, Peter, on Friday to go over my goals and review some elements that I need work on. Though I despise them, I know that I have to put thrusters, and thus squats, at the top of the agenda. Yuck!

Today’s Training:

  • EMOM / 8 minutes: 3 L-pullups + 2 Deficit Push-ups + Double-Unders
  • Mobility [ 10 inchworms + Pigeon stretch + squat hold ]
  • 1,000 meter Row + 40,30,20,10 Dumbbell Thrusters @ 20# + Sit-ups + 1,000 meter Row

# of days to Freeze Fest: 122