March Bamfness: The Final Four

All last week, MMG hosted “March Bamfness”, a single-elimination bracket-style tournament to crown one of the eight benchmark CrossFit “Girl” WODs as the most bad-ass.Well the results are in and we have our Final Four.

In Round 1, it was Jackie versus Grace. People had to pick their poison between a combo of rowing, thrusters and pull-ups or just slugging it out doing clean and jerks. With 58% of the total votes, the winner is Grace!

  • On Reddit, -TrollStopper wrote, “I voted Grace only because it’s an empty bar thruster in Jackie.”
  • However, -l8rulus was having neither saying, “Jackie is a joke, Grace is fine. try…Linda…”

In Round 2, it was Karen versus Angie. Clearly the wall-balls didn’t bother the crowd as Angie won with a whopping 70% of the total votes.

  • On Facebook, Andy wrote, “No contest. Angie wins this hands down. Don’t care what y’all say…. I judge by the “which one makes you feel like you got run over by a truck ‘harder'” method.”
  • Also on Facebook, Morgen opined, “Karen is over way faster. Rather use my legs for 150 reps than my upper body for 200 ANY DAY!”

In Round 3, it was Cindy versus Annie. Did people prefer doing the triplet of pull-ups, squats and push-ups or the couplet of double-unders and sit-ups? It ended up being another no brainer according to the poll results as an amazing 81% of the total votes went to Cindy.

  • Reddit users -Starsky686 wrote, “Cindy for sure. Harder and better. I did Annie yesterday and we did a modified Cindy today (10rds for time). Even the modified Cindy was tougher.”
  • -mrgrimm concurs, “Not even worth voting. Annie is a 5 min wod that leaves you feeling good. Cindy at intensity leaves you with ripped hands and DOMS.”
  • -Sorryaboutthat1time also had a clear winner, “I suppose if you don’t have DU’s yet, Annie can be more frustrating. But otherwise, come on, Cindy without question. Annie gets even easier if you do the “throw your arms for momentum” sit ups my old box did.”
  • While on Facebook, Eric writes, “Now that I’ve got double unders down pretty well Annie is fun. I look forward to doing it again and getting under the 7 minute mark.”

Finally, in Round 4, it was Helen versus Nancy. Both make you lace up your sneakers and go for a run, but with 57% of the total votes, the people chose Nancy!

  • In the comments section, Ryan wrote, “I’m really torn with this one. Helen was first girl I ever “dated” so she will always have a special place in my heart but Nancy just dominates me. The combination of a relatively heavy Rx weight at 95 with 15 reps per round makes this the winner in my book. I’ll never forget how she made me feel at last year’s spring challenge.”
  • And Mike agreed in the comments saying, “It was a close call for me…But Nancy edged ahead with the heavier weight and 2 extra rounds.”
  • While over on Reddit, -McDingus69 said, “These are hard to judge, it depends on your weaknesses/strengths. Overhead squats are harder for me, so my choice is obvious.”

So now it is time for one last vote. Which of the Final Four deserves the top prize? Which of the Girl WODs left standing is the most bad ass? Which left you feeling pukey and take an unexpected rest day? Which one is both a badge of honor to complete but also a pure beast?

Is it Grace (30 reps of 135lb Clean & Jerk)? Is it Angie (100 Pull ups + 100 Push ups + 100 Sit ups + 100 Air squat)? Or is it Cindy (AMRAP / 20 minutes: 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups and 15 Squats) or Nancy (5 rounds for time: Run 400 meters + 15 Overhead Squats [95 / 65 lbs])?

Vote now! And make sure to explain / defend your choice in the comments section below or on Facebook.

March Bamfness: Cindy vs. Annie

All this week, MMG is hosting March Bamfness, a single-elimination bracket-style tournament to crown one of the eight benchmark CrossFit “Girl” WODs as the most badass.

In our third match-up, it’s Cindy versus Annie. They sound so innocent and sweet, but these girls will knock your books out of your hand, slam you into the locker and steal your milk money.

Cindy: Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups and 15 Squats.

  • Cindy is a really sneaky WOD. At my CrossFit gym, we often do a 5 or 10-minute version as a warm-up and you think, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad. I totally got Cindy.” Then you do it for real and that 10-minute mark hits and you realize you are only halfway through. And if your legs or shoulders aren’t on fire, you can be rest assured your grip is at least hurting and that you will happily welcome some time laying on the floor by the time the bell rings.

Annie: 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of: Double-unders and Sit-ups

  • I think a lot of people are going to throw their vote towards Cindy because they are the annoying types who can do double unders without breaking a sweat. But don’t forget those sit-ups and if your core is not strong, you are going to be cringing by the time you get halfway through the set of 40. And then again during the 30 and the 20.

So which of these two Girl WODs is the most bad-ass? Which one makes you want to ask if you can just do burpees instead? Which workout deserves the win? Vote now! (And make sure to leave a comment explaining why you voted for Cindy or Annie.)

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!

Despite the Brady Bunch joke, I actually like “Cindy”, which is a CrossFit benchmark workout that consists of as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pull-ups plus 10 push-ups plus 15 squats.

thecindyworkoutFor me, “Cindy” is the perfect number of each element. I have difficulty rapidly string pull-ups together, so 5 is very doable. And on a good day, I can do multiple sets of 10 push-ups (just don’t make them sets of 11). As for squats, I guess there is really ever a good number of squats so the less the better and only having to do 15 at a time seems like I am pulling a fast one over my coaches.

This evening’s attempt at “Cindy” was okay, not great. Truth be told, my push-ups could have been a lot better. Early on into the workout I had to start breaking up the sets of 10. At this time last year, I was coming to the end of doing 100 push-ups for a 100 days in a row. During that time, my push-ups improved dramatically in terms of form and capacity. It paid off in the WODs in class that involved push-ups and helped with my overall strength. Plus, it was a fun challenge that I was able to rope some of my friends into

Making them a part of my daily routine has fallen by the wayside. I have heard mixed advice about whether doing so many everyday is valuable or not. Whether or not 100 per day is necessary is up for debate and will require more research.

However, I do believe there is value in my training if I regularly do push-ups throughout the week rather than simply do them when they show up on the whiteboard in class. A workout like “Cindy” is never going to get easier if you don’t practice the elements involved.

Colin Stuckert, in an article entitled “50 Ways to Get Better at CrossFit“, advocates that you “Wake up to 20 push-ups every morning”. That seems like a good way to start the day that even Mrs. Brady could get behind.

Today’s Training:


  • Overheard Press – Main sets = 3 x 5 @ 85#
  • Deadlift – Main sets = 1 x 5 @ 245#


  • 5 x 2-minute Rounds: 10 burpees + Double-unders
  • Stretching
  • “Cindy” = AMRAP / 20 minutes of 5 Pull-ups + 10 Push-ups + 15 Squats

# of days until Freeze Fest: 120