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Thanksgiving Game Changer

There has been a lot of talk around town lately about Thanksgiving side dishes (#embracethegrape). All of that conversation is moot because we all know that next to the turkey the best thing is the sweet potatoes. However, for too long we have held to


Aye Kalimba: I’ll Get Better

The following is a guest post from Kalimba Edwards, a friend, athlete, firefighter and self proclaimed “everyday soccer mom”. Her current goal is to attempt one competition every month in 2014. She regularly shares her adventures on her blog Aye Kalimba – the training, the


Who’s Behind the Mask?

My Mom hates this story but back when I was in 7th grade she and my sister got it into their heads that I should play lacrosse. Growing up in New England, lacrosse was the “it” sport of the preppy set. Up until that point,


Flirting with Distraction

When I returned home from Power Monkey Camp last month, I thought I would hit the ground running with all the new ideas and skills I learned during my time in Tennessee. I was given a full toolkit to use in my training – mobility