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Interview with Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper is the consummate athlete who is constantly active playing sports and training year round. He played football locally in Minneapolis for Augsburg College and since graduating has maintained his competitive edge.  While Scott is big into softball and horseback riding, his current focus


Power Monkey Camp – Day 6

So I almost hit Ron Ortiz with a bean bag… The final day of camp came with some trepidation as it was time for the competition. It also came with a tinge of melancholy as things were coming to close and it would soon be


Power Monkey Camp – Day 5

So Vic McQuaide gave me some tips on my double-unders… While my training age might have shown itself earlier this week, my true age finally kicked in. I woke up tire and sore. Thankfully, we had the morning off. Unfortunately, my internal alarm clock still


Power Monkey Camp – Day 4

So I worked out at Rich Froning’s gym… I know why I am here, but today was a day where I had to convince myself I belong here at Power Monkey Camp. I’m not used to full days of physical activity and training. Further, I


Power Monkey Camp – Day 3

So Neal Maddox helped me test my overhead mobility… It was an action-packed day and my training age is showing itself. In terms of my real age (32), I feel good and healthy though tired like everyone else by the end of the day. But